2017 Dinner Reel_DW-VERSION_Vimeo 1080p HD from Doug White on Vimeo.

Rowlett Eagles 2017 Documentary from Doug White on Vimeo.

My first blog post by Popular demand! Actually it’s not popular just yet but either way I would love to post a video teaser I made using Adobe After Effects and Premier. The log animation was done in Cinema 4D. I shot using my Black Magic Mini Ursa 4K, The camera video settings were 1920X1080p – 29.97 fps, 90 Degree Shutter, shotgun Rode Mic, BMCC Camera Rig with BMCC Eyeglass. The BMCC rig is awesome to use when shooting live games!
Very smooth and it fits well against my shoulder and face allowing smooth pans. I also used my sons skateboard instead of a steady cam rig down the halls of the Football Center and Gym.

Outside I fired up my new Yuneec Typhoon H Real Sense Drone and filmed the field and grounds. This was a great call on my behalf as I moved from the Phantom Pro 4 to the Yuneec. The landing gear on the Phantom always blew
my shots during a sharp turn, The Typhoon H has landing gear that retracts and a Gimbal that has smooth pan controls that are unreal! The 4K shots are beautiful before any LUTS or filters are added.


“Lenses are one of the most important factors next to the camera. You can have a Million Dollar camera and a cheap lens and your shoot will come out looking cheap.”


It’s kind of similar to driving a Ferari with a VW engine.  I personally have rented ten thousand to fifty thousand dollar lenses for a day shoot and it was worth every penny. Then I came across a set of Rokinon Cine DS 6 Lens Kit with Canon EF Mount. I first experimented with renting a 35mm Cine Rokinon lens and then mounted it to my Canon 7D to shoot a football game. Wow! Sharp and colorful. After the URSA Mini joined the family I decided to purchase an entire kit of various sizes from BH Photo. Click Here.

The only pitfall to shooting with so many lenses is the turnover time to change them out while on the run or shooting live action. For that I would recommend purchasing a Cine Zoom lens that is not in the 20K realm unless you can spring for it. The Sigma 50-100mm T2 Cine High-Speed Zoom Lens (Canon EF) is a good start or the 24mm to 50mm. Click Here.

Everything else is done in Aftereffects using fun tricks compiled with great music! I use just about everything from Video Co-Pilot and REDGIANT for effects so please go check them out! Thanks for reading my first BLOG post!

If you would like to purchase a copy of this reel with new licensed music click here: VIDEO STORE

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